How mobiBIZ works

1. Register

Step 1
Register your self-portrait and contact info with MobiBiz.

2. Take a photo with your cell phone

Step 1
Ask any new contact to "take a picture" of your face and send it to

3. Receive contact data

The new contact receives a message with your image and contact info in a vCard format for easy integration into most address electronic books.

About us

Face recognition and business card utility

CompEx, Inc., the parent company of Mobius, which provides comprehensive integrated web solutions to solve the complex connectivity problems facing today's organizations. Based in Columbus, Ohio, CompEx, Inc. is a privately-funded company formed in 1992 as a technology brand of global invention and vision to develop solutions for new business ventures. We specialize in interactive mobile marketing, web and mobile application development, business intelligence, infrastructure / security, and digital data management. Our innovative thinking, knowledge and systematic work methodology enable us to provide our customers with timely and highly effective solutions.

For more information about CompEx, Inc. or Mobius, contact our US Headquarters (877) 829-0536 or visit